Documentary Flight Adventure " ON THE WINGS OF DREAMS"


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Language: only English available. Approx. 101 minutes




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Tufan Sevincel
I recently downloaded your excellent film. Congratulations you made an excellent job. Such an extraordinary film. I am eagerly waiting the DVD to watch it again.


Jeffrey van Rossum (composer)
Beautiful images are an inspiration to compose beautiful music.


Ned Rose is a VERY nice and inspiring piece of work..


Vic Babyak
Great job on the DVD---what gorgeous scenery! ... ----what diversity in the different countries through South America, the beauty and then desolation together; and the good old USA is a wondrous place too; the areas through Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon are very breath taking.


Robert "Bob" Jans's unmistakenly a professional film. Well done, good narration, excellent shots ... it will appeal to the flyer as well as the bystander/non-flying public. It also asks for more, part 2 ?. I enjoyed it immensely!


Michael Langer
Ich bin begeistert !!! Es sind fantastische Aufnahmen mit wunderschöner Musik und Sprache vertont


Klaus-Peter Morhard,
heute habe ich Euren Film downgeloaded und er ist klasse.


William Carlos de Oliveira
I already have watched your movie and I loved it from beginning to the end!!!


John Touchett

... watched it, all 110 minutes and were really impressed. You did such a professional job. The Video is awesome. I can't even imagine how many hours, days and weeks you spent putting it together. No matter what, you did a really good job. I want to order some extra copies .......


Thomas W. Ivines
I watched the video last night. It was awesome! I enjoyed every minute and it enlightened me on parts of the world I know nothing about. Kudos to the both of you. Now, I can hardly wait for the next additions.


Walt & Char
We would say your naration of the video was very well done, the quality of the photography was excellent. It held our attention for the entire time, didn't even breake for popcorn.


Lucien Guenneguez
I just got the video, watched it twice. Magnificent! Waiting for Vol 2.


It is excellent!!
Liliana, I produced and directed on stage musicals for 15 years - 4 years of big productions in Branson, MO., and I really enjoyed your directing of the DVD. You are to be complimented on doing a very, very professional job. The whole DVD was very interesting, but your directing was spectacular!!Can not wait to buy the next DVD


Bob Axsom
Lili I bought your DVD and I liked it
Totally different than the usual aviation video. There was another thread about it and I posted there but it went away for whatever reason. It was not what I expected but as I watched it I just went with what I was seeing and I enjoyed it very much. I personally think you put together a video of a real adventure but one fellow that posted on the vanished thread was disapointed by what he called a "chick flick" when he was looking for a documentary on how to fly an RV around the world. I admit that is what drew me in as well so there is a perception of "bait and switch" that you are going to have to deal with. Your video is one of the best I have seen about people and world class travel in a small plane in countries I have never been to but some people are not going to be able to make the leap from what they expect to what they get. Ironically, it does provide a real life experience trying to do exactly what I was looking for but one that was not successful this time for real life reasons. It was like I was sharing your experience in a serial story. I liked the experience and I will buy your next one as well - good luck.


Horst & Ilse Ermeling

Mit Begeisterung haben wir uns die DVD bis zum Ende angeschaut.... Bei der Zusammenstellung der DVD ist es Euch wirklich überzeugend gelungen, eine Balance zwischen Information, Spannung, Entspannung und Unterhaltung zu finden.


Rolf & Steffi Helmrich

Tolle Aufnahmen, echt Super.


Butch Hobbs

Got the DVD yesterday, it was awesome! I hope to become a seasoned pilot like yourself someday.


Christian Eggert

Ein toller Film mit und von tollen Menschen. Besonders beeindruckend sind die vielen gut herausgehobenen menschlichen Komponenten und Impressionen; da sind zwei richtige Menschen auf dem Weg. Gänsehaut-feeling in der Szene beim Take Off mit euren beiden Händen am Throttle, und natürlich bei der Hochzeit!!! Wir sind dann schon ins Schwärmen gekommen; man sollte eigentlich manchmal spontaner sein und das Leben hier und heute geniessen, denn das Leben kann auch anders………….., und die Zeit von Gestern kann man nicht zurückholen. Ein paar fliegerische Impressionen mehr im Film würden direkt zur "Oskar-Nominierung" führen ;-)). Vielleicht mal den ein oder anderen Anflug mehr oder auch navigatorische Details mit einfügen. Ansonsten eine gelungene Sache, wir freuen uns schon auf die Fortsetzung.


Sean Nightingale

Great video! My favorite shots were from the wing point of view looking back at the cockpit as you circled the islands. Stunning!


Steve Voras

How exciting! My wife and I watched the video and it was very great and inspiring!


Eddie Gold

I have had a really good morning watching your adventures in the Americas. Some fantastic aerial footage, especially of the mountains and the volcano! The back ground story is very appealing too and gives the video much more interest than just a flying film. The quality is fantastic too, very professional.


Sue Darcy

Just to let you both know how fabulous the film was. I was really inpressed by the awesome music. The silences were deafening, the mood and local atmosphere for the scenes, incredible. A brilliant job by all


Helmut Burner

Ist einfach toll auch für Leute die nicht nur vom Fliegervirus befallen sind . Einfach traumhaft . Bester Fliegerfilm was ich in dieser Richtung bis jetzt gesehen habe


Alan (Funky Monkey)

When I got home from work, I poured a glass of wine and settled down to watch.
Can I tell you I really enjoyed every minute, you guys are inspirational.
I knew you would be in safe hands with Miro!
Very best of luck for your next project, I will certainly look forward to see part 2


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